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Cloud Kitchens like Wolf Burgers a Godsend for Foodies in Times of Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has discouraged diners to dine out but to order takeaway or turned to food delivery options. With the help of Cloud Kitchen, many restaurants are setting up in Cloud Kitchen to provide food delivery services on top of the current dine-in service. We have seen more diners turning to food delivery services as their go-to food option, with the great perks like convenience, and dining in the comfort of their home.

VTV News recently published an article on the growing scope of cloud kitchens in Singapore, and how one such restaurant chain Wolf Burgers has adopted the new way of operating F&B business.

Ho Song Eng, owner of Wolf Burgers, said, “The Covid-19 phase saw a sudden increase in the number of customers ordering online. The trend of digital transactions and online food delivery is a popular practice now. We are ready to meet the requirements.”

Cloud Kitchens set up comes with full-equipped kitchen facilities and manpower.

F&B business owners can then focus on preparing quality food and to fulfill the incoming food orders.

Wolf Burgers is an early adopter in digitalization and we strive to deliver quality wholesome burgers for the convenience of our customers. Order from our online platforms today!

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