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WOLF Burgers Launches "The Burger for World Peace" - urges Super Super Powers United State

Updated: Jul 8, 2020

WOLF Burgers – which has been wowing fans all over Singapore since Nov 2015 presents “The Burger for World Peace” – A gourmet burger that ties strong Korean and American Influences together to commemorate the Summit Between the United States of America and North Korea slated for June 12 2018. The Burger for World Peace features delectable Bulgogi Marinated Shabu Brisket, Kimcho Mayo, Korean Styled Pickled Radish combined with Caramlised Onions and American Sharp Cheddar in a gourmet Burger Bun. A riff on the American favourite – The Philly Cheesesteak, The Burger for World Peace presents a traditional American favourite in a fresh way with Asian influences. The Burger for world peace is truly an International Burger. With the recent developments between the United States and North Korea, The Burger for World Peace celebrates the developments between the two Nations that bring us all closer to a state of World Peace. We invite President Trump, Chairman Kim and you to come celebrate with us and experience our special limited edition burger, as we all join together in hoping for the two Super Powers to #settlethebeef

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