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Who’s the Wolf Pack

Wolves are intelligent creatures. They are gregarious animals which mostly live in packs. They find a territory to settle in, live and eat together as a pack.

Like its namesake, WOLF Burgers was started in 2016 by four co-founders with a common love for burgers. Driven by their passion for food, the original Wolf Pack had one goal in mind: To serve quality wholesome food at an affordable price for the larger community.

Since then, there is no stopping the Wolf Pack. Sticking to their motto “Feed The Pack, For The People”, WOLF Burgers has since expanded from one stall at gourmet food hall PasarBella to five outlets in Singapore, and one restaurant in Hokkaido, Japan.

WOLF Burgers offers value-for-money wholesome gourmet burgers using fresh, quality ingredients, and no-frills cooking techniques. What are you waiting for? Come wolf down some burgers with us!

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