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Here are 11 gourmet burger deliveries to satisfy your craving

Lifestyle Asia, Jocelyn Tan, Writer

We all love a good burger from Maccas or Burger King. Yes, the taste of childhood cannot be compared to, but there are so many gourmet burger options available island-wide that are so much better in terms of quality — be it due to freshly made buns, grass-fed beef patties or even sustainably sourced vegetables.

Whether you like your patty medium or well-done, smothered in cheese and topped with bacon, or even plant-based, here are 11 gourmet burger places that are heading to your homes during Phase 2 (Heightened Alert) to tide you through tough times.

No. 2 WOLF Burgers

The roast meat specialists from the now-defunct Carvers & Co opened WOLF Burgers in 2016 and have never looked back since. Despite innovative creations like the King Salmon Burger and the Wasabi Fried Fish Burger, the Original Wolf Burger has always been the store’s bestselling option on the menu. The hefty burger comes with a thick mouthwatering piece of beef patty and a generous amount of caramelised onions, making it a no-frills fix for any burger fanatic out there.

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