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The catastrophic closing of McDonald’s due to a cluster of COVID-19 cases in several outlets have left Singaporeans shocked and completely unsure of what to with life now. Not that McDonald’s burgers are the best in the world of burger gastronomy. But they do invoke familiar feelings of nostalgia, having been around for as long as many of you readers have been born. Look, we all have our favourites which we will order at the drop of a hat when we’re unsure of what to eat for lunch. It’s easy, it’s quick, and it’s not half bad. 

With McDonald’s shuttered till 4 May, perhaps it’s time to look at other burger joints in Singapore that offer great-tasting grub with toppings limited only by one’s imagination. Who knows, you might find a new favourite burger joint from this list that I’ve compiled for your dining pleasure. Most of it comes with a side of fries (of course) and drinks, but I say, why settle for the ordinary when the options available for sides are limitless. Time to up your burger game, readers!

I was enticed by Wolf Burgers not just for their fantastic signature burgers, but for their sliders that come in familiar local flavours and served in pairs—Hainanese chicken, rojak beef, sweet and sour fish, and Szechuan beef. If you’re hankering for a more classic option, you can choose from the premium burgers in the menu such as Wagyu beef, King Salmon, or Dry-aged beef—all at wallet-friendly prices.

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