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Going Plant-Based Once A Week

Although adopting a fully vegan lifestyle may not be for everyone, evidence suggests that paring down one’s intake of animal products and incorporating more plant-based choices can improve overall health and lessen environmental impact. When Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future launched its Meatless Monday campaign in 2003, its aim was just that – to encourage people to cut out meat once a week.

Risk of preventable diseases related to high meat consumption, greenhouse gas emissions from the production of meat, dairy and eggs, as well as land use dedicated to farming can be significantly reduced, even with this small change. As sustainability increasingly influences consumer decisions, going vegan for one day a week has evolved into burgeoning trend – particularly amongst millennials who may find it too difficult eliminate meat entirely but are more open dietary change.

With the rise of healthful eating, plant-based alternatives have gained traction. Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat are leaders in meat-substitutes that aim to replicate the flavour and texture of meat. Targeted at avid meat lovers, these companies recognize the challenges of Veganism and have sought to deliver the sensory experience of eating meat, with all the advantages of a plant-based product.

Protein deficiencies are often cited as a concern surrounding vegan diets. However, studies have shown that this concern is largely misplaced. Protein is found in plant foods and plant-based food, such as soy, quinoa, beans, and lentils, can be excellent sources of protein and nutrients.

The Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger patties boast the same amount of protein as ground beef. The Impossible Burger’s primary ingredient is soy – and soy is unique in that it contains the nine essential amino acids responsible for building muscles and preventing illness. The Beyond Burger is soy-free, thus suitable for those with soy allergies, and derives its protein from peas, mung beans, fava beans and brown rice.

Wolf Burgers takes pride in serving affordable comfort food. In addition to our menu of beef, chicken, and fish burgers, we were determined to incorporate plant-based options. It was important to us that these meat-free burgers appeal to both our vegetarian or vegan diners, and skeptics alike. After rigorous taste tests, our Impossible Burger, Beyond Burger and Miso Tofu Burger were born. Our burgers are readily customizable to suit your dietary needs – select your favourite veggies, omit the cheese or switch the bun for a veggie wrap.

We understand that going meatless may be difficult (even if it is once a week!), but Wolf Burgers is committed to making the journey a little bit easier. We believe that in order to cultivate better eating habits, healthy food should be delicious. Our plant-based burgers focus on taste, providing the enjoyment and satisfaction of a meat-based burger, whilst retaining the health benefits associated with a plant-based diet.

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